Why Senseless?

Art is defined in many by others. Some call it 'a production of the beautiful', a few 'a vehicle of expression'. Truth is, Art is not definitive. Nor will it ever be. Art is undefinitive by nature. In a way, Art does not make any sense. Art serves no purpose.

By giving it purpose, as a mean to understand its connection with the surrounding world, we tend to constrict it, cage it and lose sight of its underlying significance, which is a way to connect to each other. And the only way we do know how to do so, is through photography.

The Photographer

Ahmad Saiful Ahmad Fadzil also known as CIPOI
• Was born on the 13th of May 1982
• Bumped into photography by accident and at first not as a career prospect but later realized this is the thing that he wants to do
• Modestly calling himself an amateur
• Has a passion on bands, concerts, gigs photo-shoot and devotes himself to the Malaysian music scene, especially the uprising and independent movement
• Really wants to promote the music scene through his photographs
* Available for assignment around the world


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